U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association

U.S. NCVA Annual Cryptologic Awards

The On-The-Roof Gang has, for a number of years, sponsored a set of awards bestowed upon those two nominees deemed by the U.S. Fleet Cyber Command – U.S. 10th Fleet, Awards Section at Fort Meade, to have been the outstanding Navy and Marine Corps cryptologists for the year.

The winners are those men and women who have been nominated by their commanding officers and whose records reflect them as having demonstrated singular initiative, resourcefulness, and dedication to duty in cryptologic operations over an extended period of time.

2016 CAPT Rochefort Leadership award: CDR Michael C. Elliot with VADM Tighe
2016 OTRG USN Cryptologist of the Year: CTTCS (SWAW) Sheenah M. Jedrykowski, USN with VADM Tighe and FMC Penny Tardona
2016 OTRG UCMC Cryptologist of the Year: GYSGT Charles E. Gutensohn, USMC with VADM Tighe
2016 CSE Award: CTMC (IDWSW/AW) Gregory G. Neesham, USNR with VADM Tighe
2015 CAPT Rochefort Leadership award: CDR James W. Adkisson III
2015 OTRG award: MSGT Leon Ramowith VADM J. Tighen, Jr.
2014 OTRG award: GYSGT John F. Kirk IV with RADM J. Clusen & Bill Hickey
2014 CSE award: CTMCS(IDW) Ricky L. Pottebaum with RADM J. Clusen & Bill Hickey
2013 CAPT Rochefort Leadership award: LCDR Lemuel 'Seth' Lawrence with VADM Rogers
2013 OTRG award: MGYSGT Steven B. Vega with VADM M. Rogers
2013 CSE award: CTMCS(IDWSS) Michael J. Bunnell  with VADM M. Rogers
2012 OTRG award: CTRCM(IDWSW) James D. Eaton
2012 OTRG award: MSGT Douglas Grimmett
2012 CSE award: CTMC(IDWSS) Jeremy D. Para
2011 Awards: RADM Bill Leigher with CTTCM(SWEW) Larry H. Dean, Jr. (OTRG), CTMC(AWSW) Michael & Maria Tudor (CSE), ET1(SW) Christopher M. Burton (CSE), Sonya & MSGT James B. Hillyer (OTRG), and RADM Jerry Clusen
2010 CSE Award: CTRCM(SW) Steven Chaney with RADM Deets
2010 CSE Award: CTMC(SG) David Hurley with RADM Deets
2009 Awards: RADM Tom Kendziorski with CTMC Paul McGarvy (CSE), EN1 Michael Watson (CSE), GYSGT Shannon Baker (OTRG), CTRCS(NAC) Jonathan Maddalena (OTRG) & Force Master Chief Chuck Craig
2008 Awards: RADM Edward Deets with SSGT Brian M. Rogers (CSE), GYSGT Ryan M. Truitt (OTRG), Mrs. Ruth Bass & CTRCM(SWNAC) Joseph F. Bass (OTRG), Mrs. Joan Earnshaw & CTMC(SS) John E. Earnshaw (CSE), CTN1(IUSS) Patrick Griffin (CSE)
2007 OTRG award: CTICM(AWNACSW) Ernest T. Ayres with RADM Deets
2007 OTRG award: MSGT Jason Confer with RADM Deets
2007 CSE award: CTMCM(SS) Brent Barnes with RADM Deets
2006 OTRG award: MSGT Miguel Rodriguez with RADM Deets
2006 OTRG award: CTRCM(SWAW) Anthony Perez with RADM Deets
2006 CSE award: CTMC(SWAW) Jeffery M. Urness with RADM Deets
2004 OTRG award: GYSGT Steven Berry with Grady Lewis
2004 CSE award: CTACM(SW) Gerald L. Burgess with Grady Lewis
2004 CSE award: CTA1 Deborah Kolar with Grady Lewis
2004 CSE award: SSGT James Watkins with Grady Lewis
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Captain Joseph Rochefort Information Warfare Officer
Distinguished Leadership Award

The Commander, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command selects an officer recipient of the Distinguished Leadership Award, named in honor of Captain Joseph Rochefort. Captain Rochefort led the cryptologists assigned to Station Hypo in Hawaii who played such a significant role in the U.S. victory against the Imperial Japanese Navy at the Battle of Midway in 1942. The U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association had the honor of first presenting this award in 2013.

2016 Commander Michael C. Elliot, USN
2015 Commander James W. Adkisson, USN
2014 Lieutenant Commander Charles H. Hall, USN
2013 Lieutenant Commander Lemuel Lawrence, USN
2012 Chief Warrant Officer (CWO3) Stephen J. Garofolo, USN
2011 Commander Nicholas Homan, USN
Commanding Officer, NIOC Colorado


On-The-Roof-Gang Cryptologist of the Year

Each winner of the On-The-Roof-Gang or U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association award is honored with a letter of congratulations and engraved plaque from Naval Net Warfare Command, a letter of congratulations from the Executive Director, U.S. NCVA, the presentation of a unique and distinguished personal plaque, a three-year membership in the U.S. NCVA, and an appropriate awards ceremony at his or her current duty station.

  • CTTCS (SWAW) Sheenah M. Jedrykowski, USN
  • Gunnery Sergeant Charles E. Gutensohn, USMC
  • CTTCM (SW) Albert J. Ondo, USN
  • Master Sergeant Leon Ransom, Jr, USMC
  • CTTCM (IDW/SW/AW) Samuel R. Olmstead, USN
  • Gunnery Sergeant John F. Kirk IV, USMC
  • CTRCM (IDW/SW) Matthew P. Bouchard, USN
  • Master Gunnery Sergeant Steven B. Vega, USMC
  • CTRCM (IDW/SW) James Eaton, USN
  • Master Sergeant Douglas Grimmett, USMC
  • CTTCM (SW/AW/EXW/FPJ) Larry H. Dean, USN
  • Master Sergeant James B. Hillyer, USMC
  • CTRCM (SW) Steven Chaney, USN
  • CTRCS (NAC) Jonathan F. Maddalena, USN
  • Gunnery Sergeant Shannon J. Baker, USMC
  • CTRCM (SW/NAC) Joseph F. Bass, USN
  • Gunnery Sergeant Ryan M. Truitt, USMC
  • CTICM (AW/NAC/SW) Ernest T. Ayres, USN
  • Master Sergeant Jason Confer, USMC
  • CTRCM (SW/AW) Anthony T. Perez, USN
  • Master Sergeant Miguel Rodriquez, USMC
  • CTRCS Paul N. Straniero, USN
  • Master Sergeant Jeffrey R. Bernier, USMC
  • Gunnery Sergeant Steven B. Berry, USMC
  • CTICM (NAC) William P. Singer, USN
  • Master Sergeant Jeff L. Fernald, USMC
  • CTICS (CC/PJ/NAC) Casey L. Raiford, USN
  • Master Sergeant Christopher J. Waalkes, USMC
  • CTICM (SG) James P. Stephenson, USN
  • Master Sergeant Wesley L. Heflin, USMC
  • CTICM Matthew T. Zullo, USN
  • Master Sergeant Rickie Jones, USMC
  • CTRCS (SW) Frankie Alvarez, USN
  • CTICS Steven J. Stake, USN
  • Gunnery Sergeant Bryan K. Moody, USMC
  • CTICS (SG) Martin Tatro, USN
  • Gunnery Sergeant Lloyd D. Whetsone, USMC
  • CTRCM (SS) Shawn K. Light, USN
  • Master Sergeant Dallas W. Rogers, USMC
  • Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas H. Cunningham, USMC
  • CTRCS (SW/AW) LeRoy W. Woodcock, USN
  • CTICM (NAC) Robert J. Bishir, USN
  • Master Gunnery Sergeant Michael L. Yule, USMC
  • CTICM (SW/NAC) Richard A. Crim, USN
  • Master Gunnery Sergeant Alfred C. Endler II, USMC
  • Master Sergeant William F. O'Neill, USMC
  • CTRCS (SW) Randall C. Duckworth, USN
  • CTICS (SS) Jack R. Pinkerd, USN
  • Gunnery Sergeant Jerry W. Hall, USMC
  • CTTCM (NAC) Larry S. Veray, USN
  • Gunnery Sergeant Bruce W. Vickers, USMC
  • CTIC Paul B. Archer, USN
  • Staff Sergeant Israel Moreno, USMC
  • CTICS Ira D. Champion, USN
  • Gunnery Sergeant Edward D. Paradysz, USMC
  • Master Sergeant Marvin G. McGraw, USMC
  • CTICS Charles R. Augustin, USN
  • CTICM Dwight D. Anderson, USN
  • Master Sergeant Michael R. Hadley, USMC
  • CTICM Francis C. Arnold, USN
  • Master Gunnery Sergeant Gary L. Howze, USMC
  • CTTCM Laurence H. Wade, USN
  • Master Gunnery Sergeant Raymond G. Chase, USMC
  • CTICM (SS) Dennis A. Foster, USN
  • Gunnery Sergeant Clyde D. Taylor, USMC
  • Gunnery Sergeant James W. Parry, USMC
  • CTIC (NAC) Stephen J. Hope, USN


U.S. NCVA Award for Cryptologic Support Excellence

Since 1988, the U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association has sponsored a parallel set of annual awards, bestowed on two active duty men or women, one Navy and one Marine Corps, who best exemplify excellence in the performance of cryptologic support functions. Again, nominations by the commanding officers are reviewed and final selections are made by the Naval Net Warfare Command, Awards Section at Fort Meade. Starting with the 1999 award year, a member of the Naval Reserve Component is recognized for her or his excellence in support of cryptologic functions. The Naval Reserve Component member is held to the same standards of excellence as active duty members.

  • CTMC (IDW/SW/AW) Gregory G. Neesham, USNR
  • CTMC (IDW/SS) Adam J. Birkholz, USN
  • CTMCS (IDW) Ricky L. Pottebaum, USN
  • CTMCS (IDW/SS) Michael J. Bunnell, USN
  • CTMC (IDW/SS) Jeremy Para, USN
  • CTMC (SW/AW) Michael G. Tudor, USN
  • ET1 (SW) Christopher M. Burton, USNR
  • CTMC (SG) David Hurley, USN
  • CTMC (SS) Paul R. McGarvey, USN
  • EN1 Michael Watson, USN
  • CTMC (SS) John E. Earnshaw, USN
  • Staff Sergeant Brian M. Rogers, USMC
  • CTN1 (IU/SS) Patrick L. Griffin, USNR
  • CTMCS (SS) Brent E. Barnes, USN
  • Gunnery Sergeant Jerrod Jasmine, USMC
  • CTMC (SW/AW) Jeffery M. Urness, USN
  • CTN1 John Dumm, USNR
  • CTMCS (SG) Mark D. Stewart, USN
  • CTAC (Selectee) Tonya Boser, USNR
  • Staff Sergeant James F. Watkins, USMC
  • CTACM (SW) Gerald L. Burgess, USN
  • CTA1 Deborah A. Kolar, USNR
  • Master Sergeant Rodger F. Dewey, USMC
  • CTACM (SW) Jeffery Goodwin, USN
  • CTI1 Raul Mejorado, Jr., USNR
  • Gunnery Sergeant Victor M. Church, USMC
  • CTMCS Kathryn E. Jennings, USN
  • CTR1 James B. Dawson, USNR
  • CTMCS Rodney C. Carter, USN
  • Gunnery Sergeant Gary W. Clark, USMC
  • CTIC (Selectee) Sheryl L. Bentley, USNR
  • CTOCM (SW) Stephen T. Collier, USN
  • Master Sergeant William O. Nix, USMC
  • CTA1 Jeffrey M. Skurkis, USNR
  • CTMC Brian J. Shannon, USN
  • Staff Sergeant Timothy L. Orts, USMC
  • CTM1 Curtis E. Sims, USNR
  • CTMCS (SG) Brian W. Towle, USN
  • Sergeant Adam J. Taylor, USMC
  • CTOC (SW) Joseph E. Kelly, USN
  • Sergeant Richard T. Walker, USMC
  • CTMC Robert J. Guski, USN
  • Staff Sergeant Michael E. Herman, USMC
  • CTACS William A. Evans, USN
  • Gunnery Sergeant Timothy J. Estes, USMC
  • CTMCS Bradley D. Andries, USN
  • Staff Sergeant Stanley R. Kennedy Jr., USMC
  • CTMCS Michael J. Christoff, USN
  • CTMC (SS) Brian W. Towle, USN
  • Staff Sergeant Daniel J. Konicki, USMC
  • CTAC (SW) Richard A. Bogosian, USN
  • Sergeant Robert W. Branson, USMC
  • CTMC John D. Petruzzi, USN
  • Staff Sergeant Wesley G. Wood, USMC
  • CTMCS (SS) Robert C. Mock, USN
  • Staff Sergeant Walter C. Fightmaster, USMC
  • Gunnery Sergeant Phillip A. LeGare, USMC
  • CTMC Barry W. Connally, USN
  • CTM1 Thomas C. Bailey, USN
  • Sergeant Rolf C. Tusing, USMC


Beginning with the 1993 competition, the U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association has administered the purchase of the personal plaques that are presented to both the On-The-Roof-Gang and U.S. NCVA awards recipients.

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