U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association

U.S. NCVA Membership

Articles VI and XI of the U.S. NCVA Bylaws identify the term of the Membership Year and membership categories.

Membership Categories

Regular Member

Those eligible for regular membership are:

  1. Regular or Reserve veterans of the U.S. Naval Cryptologic organization who have served on active duty under honorable conditions.
  2. Regular or Reserve veterans of the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army, or U.S. Air Force who served on permanent duty with the U.S. Naval Cryptologic organization and whose service was under honorable conditions.
  3. Regular or Reserve personnel on active duty who have served or are serving in the U.S. Naval Cryptologic organization.

Active Duty Member

U.S. Navy active duty personnel assigned duties in the U.S. Navy Cryptologic service will be granted membership in the U.S. NCVA.

  1. Active Duty personnel must apply for membership—select Active Duty in Membership Category.
  2. Active duty personnel are not charged dues to join the U.S. NCVA.
  3. Active duty membership is for a term of one year and is renewable.
  4. Active duty members whose U.S. NCVA membership is current may be elected to office on the BoD consistent with the term of their membership.

Family Member

In cases where both husband and wife are eligible for U.S. NCVA Regular membership, a Family Membership is available at a reduced rate.

  1. Both will be regular members, be listed in the Membership Directory and be entitled to vote.
  2. Only one mailing of the CRYPTOLOG will be provided per Family Membership.

Associate Member

Those eligible for Associate membership are:

  1. U. S. Federal Service Personnel who have served ten (10) or more years in the U. S. Naval Cryptologic organization.
  2. Individuals who are determined by the BoD to have contributed significantly to the preservation of the basic functions outlined in Article I ¶2c through ¶2e of the Bylaws.
  3. Members of allied Armed Forces personnel who have served two or more years at a Naval Security Group Activity/Station (including Cryptologic schools).
  4. Associate Members may not vote or hold office.
  5. Associate membership is limited by §501 and §502 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Life Member

  1. Life Membership is granted to those persons who are original members of the “On-The-Roof Gang” (OTRG).
  2. Life Membership may also be granted to those persons who, by vote of the Board of Directors, are recognized for outstanding service to the U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association. Such Life Memberships are limited to two per membership year.
  3. Individual members of the U.S. NCVA may purchase a Life Membership at the rate specified by the Board of Directors.

Social Member

  1. Spouses of deceased U.S. NCVA members or persons who were eligible for U.S. NCVA membership who desire to maintain close contact with friends and receive Association publications are eligible for Social Membership.
  2. Social Members may not vote or hold office in the U.S. NCVA.

Membership Term

The Membership Year is July 1 through June 30. All membership dues expire at the same time. Dues notices are normally sent out in early May and members are encouraged to submit payment upon receipt.


A full breakdown of the different dues categories follows:

Length Membership Class/Fee Expiration
Regular/Associate/Social1 First Class USPS Postage Overseas Postage Family2
1 year $20.00 $8.00 $10.00 $30.00 30 June +12 months
3 years $52.00 $24.00 $30.00 $78.00 30 June +36 months
5 years $80.00 $40.00 $50.00 $120.00 30 June +60 months
10 years $140.00 $80.00 $100.00 $210.00 30 June +120 months
Life $360.00    $540.00 Indefinite

Dues Payment

Those who have signed up for a Website user account can choose from a list of Dues Plans and pay their dues online. Sign Up now!

Dues Plans Options

Regular Member 12 months $20.00
Family Member 12 months $30.00
Regular Member 36 months $52.00
Family Member 36 months $78.00
Regular Member 60 months $80.00
Family Member 60 months $120.00
Regular Member 120 months $140.00
Family Member 120 months $210.00
Regular Life Member Lifetime $360.00
Family Life Member Lifetime $540.00

You can choose postage options when you select your Dues Plan.

New Members

  1. Complete and send to the Membership Secretary your US NCVA membership application.
  2. Sign Up for a Website account.
  3. After your account is activated by the Webmaster, login to the Website.
  4. Go to the bottom of your Profile.
  5. Select a Dues Plan.
  6. Ensure that the information published in the form fields is correct.
  7. Click Checkout.

Current Members

  1. Login to the Website.
  2. Go to the bottom of your Profile.
  3. Select a Dues Plan.
  4. Ensure that the information published in the form fields is correct.
  5. Click Checkout.

Former Members

You may have to submit a US NCVA membership application first; check with the Membership Secretary.

  1. Sign up for a Website user account or login, if you already have an account.
  2. Go to the bottom of your Profile.
  3. Select a Dues Plan.
  4. Ensure that the information published in the form fields is correct.
  5. Click Checkout.

Membership Application

Print, complete, and send your application with your check to:

U.S. NCVA Membership Secretary
PO Box 3070
Lancaster, SC 29720

Active duty U.S. Navy & U.S. Marine Corps cryptologists or Retired or separated U.S. Navy & U.S. Marine Corps cryptologists download and complete the U.S. NCVA Membership Application.

Note: Make checks payable to U.S. NCVA.

Membership Status

There are two ways to identify your membership status

CRYPTOLOG Mailing Label

If your CRYPTOLOG mailing label says 2014 as indicated below, your dues have expired:

CRYPTOLOG mailing label

Website Profile

If you have signed up for a user account with the Association Website, you can check the status of your membership online:

  1. Login to the Website.
  2. Click the US NCVA Membership tab.
  3. The year that your Association membership expires is displayed—to you alone—in the Membership Expiration field.
    Membership Expiration info

To update your records or check your status, contact Spike Pelletier.


1For overseas addressees there is a $10.00 a year additional fee to offset mailing charges.

2Family Membership is ONLY for those cases where both spouses served in the Naval Security Group. Both will be considered as Regular Members, will be listed in the directory, and be allowed to vote. However, only one mailing of the CRYPTOLOG will be made per Family Membership.