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Memorial Day

As we enter this Memorial Day weekend, I’d like to briefly remind everyone to keep in mind the sacrifices those in our community have made over the years.

In fact, if you were at the Norfolk reunion, you would have heard our “Two-Bell Ceremony” that addresses that particular idea. Below certainly isn’t a comprehensive list—but it is certainly illustrative of the kinds of losses we have had over the years.

Please take a moment this year to remember:

  • Our shipmates lost in the Kami Seya Fire
  • Our fallen shipmates of the USS LIBERTY
  • Our shipmates of the USS PUEBLO whose bravery and perseverance is a standard we should all cherish
  • The crew of the EC-121 that was shot down
  • Shipmates lost in OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM and other Southwest Asia operations including:
    • CTTC Christian Pike
    • CTR1 Michael Strange
    • CTRCS David Blake McLendon
    • CTT1 Steven P. Daugherty

Finally, all our family members and friends we have lost over the years who have meant so much to us for their companionship, unquestioning support, and eternal love.

NSGA Kami Seya Fire
NSGA Kami Seya Fire
Repatriation of USS PUEBLO Crew
Repatriation of USS PUEBLO Crew
Shootdown of EC-121 WV
Shootdown of EC-121 WV

Be safe this holiday weekend.

Bill Hickey

Bill Hickey
Executive Director, U.S. NCVA

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