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The U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association

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We are a unique organization of active, retired, and honorably discharged U.S. Navy Cryptologists, past and present, whose primary focus is the preservation of our rich cryptologic history.

Our earliest members were trained in the 1930s to intercept and decode Japanese Katakana transmissions. Their contributions to real-time combat and ultimate Allied victory in the Pacific war at sea and ashore are legendary.

Our current members are Navy Cryptologists who continue the tradition of dedication, skill, and professionalism set by our pioneers.

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If you live in Pensacola, are Wintering over, or on vacation - help us out. It would be greatly appreciated!

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Do you need an Emergency Action Plan? What should you include in one? What's a Go-Bag or Kit? Bill Hickey's experiences may help you with this.

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Agent Orange & Guam

Anyone stationed on Guam from January 9, 1962 through July 31, 1980 is now considered to have been exposed to Agent Orange.

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