U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association

Website Co-Administrator

Yes! We’re Looking for a U.S. NCVA member to volunteer her or his service as a Web Co-Administrator

I’m an Olde DIRSUP Guy, so I define this search in terms I understand: Direct Support – See below…


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Website Direct Support

Who Are Your Targets?

U.S NCVA Members Current and former U.S. NCVA members, surviving spouses of U.S. NCVA members, and second-party allied or contractor personnel who have been accepted as U.S. NCVA member.
FRUPAC Members Current and former U.S. Navy Cryptologic personnel who have obtained and maintain an amateur radio license.
Active Duty Personnel Current officers and sailors directly assigned to U.S. Navy Cryptology source ratings or designators who are eligible for U.S. NCVA membership but who have not yet become members.
Old Salts Former Communications or Cryptologic Technicians whose membership in the U.S. NCVA has lapsed.
Eligible Individuals Those who were involved with U.S. Navy Cryptology and who meet the requirements for membership in the U.S. NCVA but who are not yet dues-paying members.
Tourists Individuals with no professional background in U.S. Navy Cryptology but who are interested in the history of Navy Cryptology.

What Direct Support Skills Are Needed?

Target Tracking Refresh the look and feel of the website as needed.
Monitor Target Activity Analyze data to improve member experience.
Troubleshoot Identify & resolve problems to improve member experience.
Identify Target Trends Ensure our website technologies are up-to-date.
Communicate Document the procedures members need to improve their experience with our website