U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association

Milwaukee Reunion Cancellation

Given the current climate and situation with emergency declarations and the fact that an overwhelming majority of our members are in what is currently being called the “high risk” category, and in consultation with the Board of Directors and the Host for the Milwaukee reunion, we have reluctantly decided to cancel the 2020 Reunion in Milwaukee.

This is an unprecedented situation, and everyone is having similar cancellations and postponements all over the country. If you have made reservations at the hotel, you should contact them to cancel your reservation unless you plan to travel to Milwaukee on your own anyway. If you have purchased air fares and they are “non-refundable”—you will need to contact the airline to see if they perhaps have waived that policy in view of the emergency and make arrangements with them. You may be offered the opportunity to rebook another flight but told that it has to be used within a year or some other time frame.

We are sorry for any confusion and inconvenience this may cause your plans for attending the reunion. Be assured, we did not take this step lightly, and it is out of concern not only for the welfare of our at-risk members, but also because of financial liability which might result if we delay the decision any further.

Be safe in the coming months. With any luck whatsoever, this situation will eventually return to some semblance of normality.

Right now, plans for 2021 our Fort Worth and 2022 Charleston reunions are still in place and ongoing. We are watching the situation and monitoring the contracts for those events closely as well.