Annual U.S. NCVA Reunions

The U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association holds an annual reunion, usually in the spring around May. These gatherings are normally entirely social in nature and terminate on the evening of the final full-day with a dinner/dance.

In some instances, other groups—such as the U.S. Submarine Veterans Association (USSVI)—might hold their reunion in conjunction with ours for economies of scale.

Site Selection

The Site Selection Coordinator ensures that the reunions are regionally rotated among three U.S. regions: East, Central, and West. During the annual General Membership Meeting, members select the site to be held three years in the future. Thus, at a reunion in the West region, members vote for the next Western site for the reunion three years hence.


A General Membership Meeting is conducted on morning of the final full-day of each reunion. During this meeting:

  • A senior active duty officer addresses the members on the status of the U.S. Navy cryptologic community.
  • The Association presents the active and reserve cryptologic award winners.
  • Members elect officers.
  • The membership selects the future reunion site.
  • Association officers present reports covering activities of the past year.

Usually about 90% of U.S. NCVA members at the reunion attend this meeting.

Reunion Sites

YearLocationU.S. NCVA Reunion Host
2025 Pensacola FL TBD
2024 Annapolis MD J.W. Smith
2023 Milwaukee WI Jim Taylor
2022 Charleston SC Lew Bearden
2021 Fort Worth TX Frank Jackson
2020 Milwaukee WI [Cancelled] Jim Taylor
2019 Portland ME Art Gowie
2018 Denver CO Lew Bearden
2017 Nashville TN Joe Bearrentine
2016 Norfolk VA Lew Bearden
2015 Albuquerque, New Mexico Ernie Wullenweber
2014 Mobile, Alabama Steve Roberts
2013 Savannah, Georgia Clyde Aldridge
2012 Tucson, Arizona Larry Bahill
2011 Louisville, Kentucky Roger Huck
2010 Philadelphia/Valley Forge, Pennsylvania Fred Demech
2009 Portland, Oregon Jake Otten (N7WO)
2008 St. Louis, Missouri Frank Huffman
2007 Saratoga Springs, New York Al St. Onge
2006 Reno, Nevada Allen (Ozzie) Osborn & PF Hammond
2005 San Antonio, Texas Joe Canales & Hilch Lindsay
2004 Charleston, South Carolina Spike Pelletier & Richard (Dickie) Best
2003 Eugene, Oregon Grady Lewis & Jake Otten
2002 Chattanooga, Tennessee Dave Fiehtner & Jake Karoly
2001 Boston, Massachusetts Larry Peterson
2000 San Diego, California Ralph (Scotty) Davis
1999 New Orleans, Louisiana Jerry Cain
1998 Arlington, Virginia Lew Bearden
1997 Seattle, Washington Charlie (Bud) Stillwagon
1996 Springfield, Missouri Deny Brown
1995 Norfolk, Virginia George Tibbetts
1994 Reno, Nevada Allen (Ozzie) Osborn
1993 Minneapolis, Minnesota Sheldon Porter
1992 Orlando, Florida John (Buzz) Clark
1991 Honolulu, Hawaii Rolland (Doc) Belcher
1990 Corpus Christi, Texas Richard Davis
1989 Crystal City, Virginia Henry (Bud) Simpson
1988 San Francisco, California Gil Cheesman
1987 Sparks, Nevada Ralph Cox
1986 San Antonio, Texas Jim Lusk
1985 Baltimore, Maryland Henry (Bud) Simpson
1984 Colorado Springs, Colorado Joe Butorac
1983 San Diego, California Keith Taylor
1982 Ellsworth, Maine Jackson Koon
1981 Pensacola, Florida Al Pelletier
1980 Eugene, Oregon Graydon Lewis
1979 Rapid City, South Dakota Jack Regan