Enrollment Categories


A retired or honorably discharged veteran of or anyone currently serving in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces who either has performed or is performing U.S. Naval Cryptologic duty or who has an interest in U.S. Naval Cryptology. Applicants not directly connected with U.S. Naval Cryptology shall state details of this interest.

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An official or retiree of a U.S. or second party allied government or U.S. contractor, to include second party allied military services, who has an interest in U.S. Naval Cryptology. The applicant shall state details of this interest Spouse—All spouses of living members and associates shall, at the applicant’s option, be enrolled together. Spouses are not continued on the roll after the member's death except as provided in the “Surviving Spouse” or “partnership of two veterans” descriptions below. However, any spouse of a deceased member is eligible to be enrolled as a spouse upon payment of the requisite dues.

Dues for Individual members, Associates, and surviving spouses shall be the same, as determined by the Board of Directors.

The dues required of a member are lowered for those who select the option to receive CRYPTOLOG online rather than through the mail. CRYPTOLOG issues are available on the website to logged-in Individual members and Associates.

Surviving Spouse

In consideration of payment of 1.4 times the ordinary dues, the spouse of a deceased Member or Associate is entitled to remain enrolled as a surviving spouse until the end of the member’s fixed term or for the life of the spouse of a Life member. (This is not applicable if both spouses opt out of postal CRYPTOLOG delivery.)

The Membership Secretary shall recognize a spousal or civil partnership between two veterans in the case of two members who request this joint designation and whose membership expiration dates agree. (Normally, these would be spouses who join at the same time.) A partnership shall not consist of more than two members. On the death of one member of this partnership of veterans, postal delivery of CRYPTOLOG can be conveyed. Thus, Individual members or Associates in such a partnership should never opt for “Surviving Spouse” dues; this is automatic. Should married Individual members or Associates or those in a recognized partnership agree to share a postal-delivered CRYPTOLOG, one member would sign up for the dues set for the selected period (1, 3, 5, or 10 years); the other should opt for online-only CRYPTOLOG receipt.

Dues-free Active Duty Military

Active duty military members and drilling reservists are offered one-year dues free memberships. CRYPTOLOG mailing is not included.


  • Active duty military and reservists may certainly opt for dues-based memberships. 

    • As a matter of transitioning from the legacy policy, all fixed term members and associates shall be considered to be enrolled as having opted for “Surviving Spouse” until 30 June 2022.
    • Effective 1 July 2022. new and renewing members and associates shall be offered the “Surviving Spouse” option.
    • Life members may opt for the “Surviving Spouse” option at any time upon payment of 40% of the basic individual Life membership dues.
  • Changes to regular dues, discount rates and the “last survivor” factor may be made by the Board of Directors effective only on publication of the new schedules in CRYPTOLOG. These would not be applied retroactively.
  • The Membership Secretary shall ensure that the membership and enrollment requirements for 501(c)(19) associations are met.
  • CRYPTOLOG will be mailed to those U.S. Navy Cryptologic or Information Warfare Commands or Detachments or libraries identified by the Membership Secretary. Those organizations are not required to pay dues.
  • The membership year begins at 1 July each year and ends on 30 June the following year.

Check the Dues schedule for more information.

Members are absolutely relied upon to provide the Membership Secretary their current contact information.

  • Postal addresses in the membership database are used to generate the CRYPTOLOG bulk- and first-class mailing list.
  • CRYPTOLOG issues missed due to a member’s failure to update her or his mailing address with the Membership Secretary cannot be reissued, except as noted here.
    • If you have not setup a website user Profile, notify the Membership Secretary via email of your change of address.
    • If you have setup a website user account, you can update your Contact Information after you login (click the FAQs | Profile FAQs link and open the article entitled “How Do I Edit My Profile?”.
  • Members who re-locate on a seasonal basis (“snowbirds”) are highly encouraged to opt for first-class delivery of printed CRYPTOLOG issues.