U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association

Selected book reviews previously published in the CRYPTOLOG.

A Cryptologic Veteran’s Analysis of Quantum Hexadynamics

Reviewed by George McGinnis

14 February 1999

In 1988, NCVA member Duane Whitlock published a book, followed by this treatise, dedicated to making the basic system of atomic structure more understandable. At the same time he has attempted to correct errors that have crept into the current theory of atomic matter.

Professional Reviews of U.S. NCVA History Book

George McGinnis, an early member of the U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association, spent years researching and compiling histories of U.S. Navy cryptology into a single volume that was published in 1996. This important book was extensively reviewed by related organizations.

A Cryptologic Veteran’s Analysis of Most Secret and Confidential

Reviewed by George McGinnis

This book gives an interesting insight concerning how Intelligence was handled in the age of Admiral Horatio Nelson, British Navy. The book covers the general time frame at the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth.

A Cryptologic Veteran’s Analysis of The Navajo Code Talkers

Reviewed by George McGinnis

29 July 1998

During World War II, several hundred Navajo Indians were used by the Marine Corps to transmit and receive tactical voice messages using their native language as the coding system. Because their language is an obscure one, this gave essentially complete transmission security.

A Cryptologic Veteran’s Analysis of The French Secret Services

Reviewed by George McGinnis

CRYPTOLOG Vol. 20, No. 4

This book covers the activities of the various French Secret Services from the time of the time of the Dreyfus affair, in the 1890s, to the present time. In addition, it includes a sketch of the various secret activities of the French governments dating from the sixteenth century.

A Cryptologic Veteran’s Analysis of Day of Deceit

Reviewed by Philip H. Jacobsen, LCDR USN (Ret)

The author, Robert B. Stinnett, made a thorough search of National Archives files other repositories and contacted numerous personnel to justify his long held belief that President Franklin D. Roosevelt not only actively fomented war with Japan as a pretext to aid Britain in its fight with Hitler but that he purposely made Pearl Harbor an attractive target for the Japanese Navy.

A Cryptologic Veteran's Analysis of Dark Eagles

Reviewed by George McGinnis

2 March 1997

Did you ever wonder how, or why, the various spy planes were created? Have you ever heard of a place called Groom Lake? Did the aircraft known as Aurora actually exist?

A Cryptologic Veteran’s Analysis of Build A World-Wide Web Commerce Center

Reviewed by Robert Rude

28 October 1996

This book is an excellent reference for individuals and companies considering setting up residence, for their business, on the World-Wide Web (WWW).

A Cryptologic Veteran’s Analysis of Body of Secrets

Reviewed by George McGinnis

When the author James Bamford published his book The Puzzle Palace in 1982. I was not personally enamored with it. For reasons that are not altogether clear, LTGEN Hayden, USAF, DIRNSA, invited Mr. Bamford to spend time at NSA where he obtained some of the material for this book.

A Cryptologic Veteran’s Analysis of Blind Man’s Bluff

Reviewed by George McGinnis

20 February 1999

This book claims to be the untold story of American submarine espionage. Submarine personnel are notoriously tight-lipped and very little information about their post-WWII activities has been published.

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