FRUPAC EchoLink Net

Unless otherwise noted, summer/winter times shift when USA goes on/off Daylight Savings Time.


Summer Winter Mode ET Comment
1800Z 1900Z Echolink Voice 1400—1430 Daily—Worldwide
2255Z 2355Z Echolink Voice 1855—2100 Daily—Worldwide


If you want to get started quickly, you may download the master FRUPAC EchoLink favorite file and either replace your favorite.txt file or copy and paste the contents of the master into your favorite.txt file. (See EchoLink Favorites for more information.)

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Activity Record

Call - Name Early Session Late Session
Check-ins Last Date Check-ins Last Date
K0RAR - Rob 2 26-Nov-2012 10 03-Sep-2008
K9QEW - Daryl     5 30-Aug-2008
N4XAT - Bob 1 19-Aug-2008 4 21-Aug-2008
N9VO - Jim     2 18-Aug-2008
W1GNS - Norm 1 16-Aug-2008 2 19-Aug-2008
W3EJM - Ed     1 16-Aug-2008
W8RHS - Elbert     1 18-Aug-2008
W9HLY - Vern 1 19-Aug-2008    
WA3MWV - Dick 2 18-Aug-2008 3 21-Aug-2008
WC7N - Rod 2 19-Aug-2008 7 03-Sep-2008