U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association

NCVA Northeast Chapter Reunion Roundup

The annual reunion held last week at the former NSGA Winter Harbor was attended by more than thirty new and long-standing members.

Being back at the base made it special and everyone appeared to have an outstanding time. Even the weather cooperated, as we had sunny skies and mild temperatures. Those who follow Larry Peterson on Facebook may have already seen an excellent wrap-up and photos. I’ll be sharing many similar and some additional pictures over a series of emails (due to Spam restrictions by my email provider I’ll have to limit how much I send in each one).

We regret that some who would have liked to attend were unable to do so due to a mix of issues: distance, cost, COVID, other health issues, scheduling conflicts) and hope you’ll be able to make the next reunion in a more central location. Here are our first few pictures:

Our guest speaker was the last Commanding Officer of NSGA Winter Harbor, CDR (Ret.) James Guest. Jim gave an interesting, humorous and informative talk about the history of the base from its founding to its closing. Jim, who lives locally, is both historian and a reunion organizer in his own way.

Each year, he holds a pot-luck picnic on the base following the annual Lobster Fest in Winter Harbor (usually the second weekend in August). Attendees include many who live in the local area. He’ll provide me with info to share about the 2022 picnic as we get closer to the occasion.

Additionally, Jim brought a large collection of mementos for display, including the CRYPTOLOG issue covering the base closing, post cards with the NSGA Winter Harbor logo, posters, and the banner hanging from the fireplace mantel behind him. He also had command hats and shirts for sale which turned out to be very popular items. Several were donated for a raffle to benefit NCVA-NE.

By the way – you may recognize the large dining room where the dinner was held – it’s the main room in the former Schooner Club (now known as Schoodic Commons).

Thanks to Larry Peterson for providing the cake.

In keeping with tradition, the cake was cut by the youngest and oldest members in attendance: Jim Guest and Alan Coutinho shared the honors. Special thanks to Jim Guest for providing the sword!