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You will find Sea Stories and personal Navy Cryptology histories as well as insightful recollections of national and Navy events in each issue of CRYPTOLOG, which has been compiled, edited, and published by the Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association since 1978 — 46 years in all.

CRYPTOLOG costs the U.S. NCVA between $3,500 and $4,000 USD quarterly to produce. We work hard to contain the cost per member to approximately $3.00 per issue. Yes, our journal is compiled and edited by individual members who volunteer their time — over 60 hours per issue — and skills for the task and we primarily use USPS bulk-mail to ship them to you. (You can also login on your website and download issues to your device.)

In 2002, George P. McGinnis, an NCVA founding member, reminded us that: “CRYPTOLOG is the thread that binds us as an organization.” CRYPTOLOG depends upon members, such as you, to send your stories to be published for others to enjoy and allow us to further our effort to record and preserve the history of U.S. Navy Cryptology.

The Spring 2024 issue of CRYPTOLOG includes these articles and reminisces:

  • Executive Director message
  • Captain Laurance Safford Scholarship notes
  • 2023 Marine On-The-Roof-Gang (OTRG) Award Presentation
  • Membership Gouge
  • The USNS WHEELING and Hula Hoop
  • Duty in Da Nang – 1967
  • My Time As A Communications Technician – Part 2
  • A CT Story
  • Spring 2024 FRUPAC Report4
  • Cryptology & Cyber Connect Annapolis 2024 – Reunion Events, Tours, Special Presentations, Q&A Sessions, and Guest Speakers
  • Book Reviews

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