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How Do I Use the Screen Reader?

We have installed and configured a screen reader tool to help you hear and understand the text you see, or by increasing or decreasing the size of the text, or by choosing a different contrast to make the content more visible.

The Screen Reader toolbar

Open The Toolbar

When you open a page, the screen reader toolbar is retracted. To extend it, click the visible tab.

Extend the Toolbar

Using the Tools

There are several tools available—each shows the description if you pause your mouse or pointer over the icon.

Identifying the Tools

How To Use the Screen Reader Player


The Screen Reader tends to function differently with Internet Explorer. You may need to highlight the text to play back rather than run it without highlighting.

  1. Click the Screen Reader icon to extend the toolbar.
  2. Highlight the text you want played back to you.
  3. Click the Play icon.
  4. Adjust the volume by clicking one of the bars to the left of the Play icon.
Playing the text

You can Pause or Stop the player by clicking either of those icons.


You do not have to highlight any text for the Screen Reader to playback. However, if you do not, the tool will playback everything on the screen, such as the menu items. This can be confusing and, worse, boring.

Changing The Text Size

  1. Click the Screen Reader icon to extend the toolbar.
  2. Click the text size icon you wish to use (Smaller, Larger, or Reset).
  3. The Dyslexic font icon supposedly changes the text to characters that are easier to see if you have dyslexia—I cannot vouch for that, however.
Changing the Text Size

 Changing the Screen Contrast

  1. Click the Screen Reader icon to extend the toolbar.
  2. Click the High Contrast icon you wish to use.

hc1High Contrast

hc2High Contrast 2

hc3High Contrast 3

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