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Good Cyber Practices for the End User Mini-Course

Cyber Security

Plan on joining this FREE mini-course to learn good cybersecurity habits to apply and lower your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft, being held hostage by a ransomware attack or having your credit card exploited.

This mini-course is designed to answer a home user’s questions, such as:

  • Can I tell if my email has been accessed?
  • Am I the victim of spyware?
  • Can password managers be trusted?
  • How strong is point-to-point encryption, tunneling?
  • Is there point-to-point encryption for email?
  • How secure is the password protection for PDFs, spreadsheets, etc.?
  • Should I keep my email password on my smartphone?
  • How do I check if I can trust a cyber “help” service I found on-line?
  • What is at risk if I allow another party remote operational access to my machine, even while I watch?


  1. Please keep in mind that covering good cyber practices that will keep you safe on-line will consume the time allotted.
  2. Topics such as running software applications are beyond our scope.

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16 June or 17 June